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"Shrines to white supremacy and racial violence denigrate my existence and that of millions of North Carolinians." https://t.co/euViek94O4

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Today’s news marks the biggest development yet in accountability for CIA torture. https://t.co/4oqQVQFn9c

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Don't look away. This is our president recommending we all study a lie about brutalizing Muslims. https://t.co/2LyGGaqMGj

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For those who have been asking about the statement from our colleagues in California: https://t.co/5q5Nk2kXkA

For those who have been asking about the statement from our colleagues...

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The First Amendment does not protect people who engage in violence. https://t.co/3Yg7AkL4Fi

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BREAKING: Alisha Coleman was fired for getting her period at work. With @ACLUofGA, we're fighting back. Read more… https://t.co/87nIHEDcQR

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BREAKING: Settlement in CIA torture psychologists case — historic win for accountability. Torture has consequences https://t.co/Ru7iTzZuMO

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions is in Miami today to praise Miami-Dade County for abandoning their sanctuary cities… https://t.co/4Veux4wGmU

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NE prisons have ✔ extreme overcrowding ✔ excessive solitary ✔ lack of medical services. We're fighting back. https://t.co/dY8jMLQdoU

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ACLU National

Director of our National Prison Project, @DavidCFathi: NE'S prison system is profoundly broken and threatens lives. https://t.co/El8DTxOTBw

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